Are we poisoning our children?

This is a controversial topic. A lot of people will disagree with this blog post, but as an Early Years Teacher working in a nursery I am sick to see how everyday the babies and toddlers are eating rubbish for lunch and tea. People! I know that we live in a busy world where no one has time to cook, I have to be honest: I hate cooking with all my soul!!! but I know for sure that if I made the decision to bring a little one to the world I will try to give my best and a healthy life style. Do people know the impact of this junk food on babies’ life? I don’t think so…

It makes me very angry to go to shops selling organic food and there you can find an aisle of baby section with all the pouches with the different flavors that you can imagine. Sweets that preach to be one of our five portions of fruit per day. I just want to go and burn that “food” shelf. A real piece of fruit will never be replaced by those gummy spirals that they sell.


Yes, I am talking about this Yoyos. I am not saying that this could be the most healthy choice to give to our children as a treat, but not as a substitute for real fruit!!! And the sad thing is, I see this everyday at nursery. And please don’t think that the main meals are better. The winner as favourite meal would be the sandwich. The whitest bread as possible, of course! with the most refined flour and some jam on the top. It makes me cry. Where are the veggies? fish? meat? real food? Some homemade food. And the worse is that those lunch boxes are the main meal of the child during that day.


Always I have been very interested in nutrition. I think the most of the illness in the world, specially cancer is developed by the crap that we eat, and everyday there is more evidence about that. For me, those lunch boxes mean: diabetes, overweight and cancer. What kind of future we will be facing. People could say: everybody is free to eat what they want, is not your problem. Excuse me but it is. Is a society problem and we need to do something about it. Then, I started reading this new book released in Spain that is called: “Healthy Children, Healthy Adults: Health begins to be programmed in pregnancy

This book explains the importance of nutrition and how to manage stress to have a healthy life. And how this impacts in our baby during pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, this book really scared me and made me realize how bad we eat. The authors just make it very simple: eat real food. Cook from scratch. Don’t eat nothing that comes prepare in a box.

Is so easy to boil vegetables and then blend them. Why we need to buy this horrible pouches made of plastic for our babies??? Is disgusting. I would like to know how many horrible things are inside them. And the worse is that they claim to be organic. How is going to be organic something that comes inside a plastic bag and can be storage in the cupboard for a long period of time. That is against the rules of natural food.


These Ella’s Kitchen are number one in UK. The most of the babies bring this horrible thing to eat everyday. Macaroni cheese? For goodness sake, so difficult is to boil pasta and then blend it? Are we stupid? I think we are. Very soon I will be a mum. I hope that I still keeping my brain and I don’t get crazy buying these crap, because then I would fail as a good parent. Let me know in the comments your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Silvia, xxx


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