Back to Rococo Style – ASOS BOOTS

Hi, I am Silvia and I have a problem with weird shoes.


Well, this pair is not actually mine, but if I could have it I would. Rococo is back!

Apparently I am a very lucky person and the style of shoes that ever I have dreamed are now a trend. This autumn all the shops seems to have minimum a pair of this kind of style and it gets so difficult to choose the right ones. Maybe I went I got a little crazy that day I saw  it in ASOS and I rushed buying the first pair I saw. Then, hundred of different ones came out, but at that point I already had mines in the wardrobe 😦

On the other hand, I have not worn them yet…. so that is what made me hesitate to buy more. The question is: are they a normal pair of boots? Are they too much for going out to the cinema? I don’t know when to wear them! And I am a very home person, so the chances that those beauties will go for a walk are too little.


This boots are the ones I have chosen. They are from ASOS and they still available. ASOS has a great range of different styles of boots but if you are crazy like me and you love this Rococo style I am sure you will find easily some in any shop this autumn.


They are black with golden patterns and have this bow on the front. The heel is not very tall, which make them comfy to walk on it (or that is what I hope!) and the quality os the fabric is great.





This season the embroidered boots and with sequins are very popular as well. If I have to invest in another pair definitely it would be in the ones that Topshop have.




When I saw this boots I wanted to cry, because they are beyond stunning, but they are pricey as well… Then I saw the post that the Blogger In The Frow did and I realize how amazing they were in real life, those patterns and the reflection of light. So I still having them on mind…maybe for Christmas…

Dear Santa, I have been very good girl this year.

Lots of love,





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