Rude parents – Nursery Tales #1

Dear parents in the world

This post can be addressed to all the parents (or future parents) who decide to trust in a nursery setting to look after their children.

First of all, that was your choice. You decided to bring those children into the world knowing that your work does not allow you to look after them. That is fine.

Second, you decided to search a setting to register you child (part-time/full-time) and to trust the people who work there, that they will take good care of the most precious thing that you have in you life.

Having this two paramount points in mind, why in earth a parent will decide to be as rude as possible during a settling session! I have seen lots of things during my experience working in nurseries but I never met a mum so rude in my life.

….a couple of weeks ago I had a settle with a mum and her son (baby almost 4 months old). This lady, a first sight was very posh (opinion that after was verified) and quite anxious about the baby starting nursery. We started doing the registration form together and she was giving me lots of details, which is great because I was going to take care of that baby so the more I knew better. The difference between this mum and the other parents that I met is that she was explaining me this things by using all kind of theories that she read or based in this wonderful book. That started annoy me. I think is great that parents educate themselves about early years and parenthood, but when somebody that I just met (and her education is based in marketing!) is trying to teach me education theories…mmmm I am sorry but NO! Was at this point when I realized that this was one of the most snobbish person I met. But this is not the hot point of the story. The first settle was over and she left.


Then, the second settle came (and hopefully the last) and I was shocked. That day she showed up 10 minutes and I was not in the room yet, so my colleague welcomed her and introduced herself as the second key person. Then she left the room and went upstairs to wait. During the settles is very common for babies to cry. They don’t know us, and that is the point of the settles. So I went back to the room and the baby was very upset and after 10 minutes I decided to call mum to come down and settle her baby a little bit.

This woman came inside the room so angry, takes the baby and shout to me very rude: I told her (my colleague) that he needs to be held like this! and he must have his milk in this position!

I thought: Excuse me…. that was very rude and you don’t have to shout. I thought, okay, she is very anxious about the nursery thing. But again, IT IS NOT OUR FAULT THAT YOU DECIDE TO HAVE A CHILD THAT YOU CAN NOT TAKE CARE! Any way, I was very polite and I decide to sit next to her and be nice. She said that her baby likes music, so I get up I put a classical music cd that we use during sleep time and relax time. During this, she could not even settle her own baby, and she was trying to feed him on the floor with the artificial milk in a bottle (even if him is breastfed, but that is another story).

Then the worst part came. Imagine the room with some babies playing happily, my colleague sitting on the rock chair sleeping a baby, the lady sitting facing the wall with her baby and me by herself. She was being very rude by not looking at noo body, also she did not like that the other babies were making noises while she tried to feed her baby. She was saying: “I am sorry baby, there is too much noise in here” while looking in a disgusting face to the baby (7 months old) who was doing some happy squeaky noises. I could not believe what I was seeing. I my head I was thinking: It is a f?/k…! nursery, they are set up to look after more than one child at the same time! Then she said: my baby likes to drink the milk like this on the floor, because if you hold him on the arm he thinks that is going to be breastfeed and you are confusing him, also he likes beat music, no baby CRAP music.


What!!!!! She sworn in front of the other babies in a nursery! I could not stand anymore that stupid woman and I said very firmly: Excuse me, but this is not any crap music this is Mozart. Her face went red and the bitch face change for expression of embarrassment. She touched my knee and said: Don’t take me wrong. I did not mean this music. We like classical music. At home we always have in the back ground.


Ha, Ha, Ha… the snob had not scape, and she realized that she lost my respect after swearing-in front of other babies and criticizing our style. The settle was over after 10 more minutes and she left. There was a third settle left that never was done, and I hope that she never comes back, because I could not stand her stupid face anymore. She must hire a nanny because a nursery is not definitely was she needs for her son.

This is just an example of situations I deal everyday in a nursery. It is not an easy job, sometimes can be very stressful!

Hope you enjoyed the first nursery tale. Let me know in the comments what would you have done in my place.

S. x

P. S. To the nice parents: thank you for be amazing and let random people to help you educate you children!


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